"After just one week, my skin was smoother and more hydrated. I see prescription and non-prescription products all the time so I was skeptical. I am now using the Skincerity Breathable Barrier® over my Retin-A (topical vitamin A) and I'm seeing faster results...the fine lines around my eyes are disappearing. I am now a believer, the product really works! - Wanda C, Nurse Practitioner, Dallas, TX

"Like most women, I have a routine of multiple products. I was skeptical because I didn't want to change my favorite products. I starting applying Skincerity over my other products and the results were fantastic! For the first time in over 20 years, I don't need foundation anymore!" - Ann M., Mom and Community Volunteer, Houston, TX

"I used the product and after the first night, I could tell a remarkable difference. In the morning, my skin didn't drink my day-time moisturizer like it had been in the desert all night. There is nothing like it...I just love it! - Pam D., Account Mgr. for National Media Company, Chicago, IL

I love Skincerity. Not only is the Skincerity Breathable Barrier in my cosmetic drawer, it is also in my "MEDICINE CABINET". I love gardening and use Skincerity over topical ointments to treat rashes, poison ivy, insect bites, etc. Skincerity seals in the ointments and cuts my recovery time in half! - Bobbie A., Account Mgr, Livingston, TX

"I use Skincerity over my favorite moisturizer at night. The difference is amazing. My skin is so much softer and the fine lines are going away. I don't need as much daytime moisturizer either. Thank you for a great product!" - Dianne R., Executive Assistant, Atlanta, GA

"I use Skincerity on both my hands and face. They are smoother, softer, and nicer. It's like a facial for feels good! - Rosee H., CPA, Denver, CO and Palm Springs, CA

I have used Skincerity Breathable Barrier for over a year and LOVE the product. I have always had extremely sensitive skin and have battled Rosacea and Acne my entire adult life. Skincerity is now the only product that I use. Not only does it keep my skin soft and young, it has kept me "Acne Free" for over a year. PLUS, I haven't had any Rosacea flare-ups!!! - Karla J., National Account Mgr, Dallas, TX

"I've purchased thousands of dollars of skin care products with false promises over the years. The Skincerity Breathable Barrier really worked magic - no more dry, old looking skin...It's the one beauty product I cannot live without!" - Suzanne F., School Administrator (retired), La Porte, TX

I'm a registered nurse and I see all kinds of skin care products. Skincerity has proven medical results behind it and it really works! I personally realized visible results within days..I don't need night creams anymore because I'm getting all that I need with Skincerity. - Georgia S., Registered Nurse, Houston, TX

"There was a noticable improvement to my face within a week. My skin was brighter and my pores were tighter. Makeup stopped clogging my pores." - Jill W., Propery Manager (retired),

QUESTION: HAS ANYONE HAD ANY RESULTS FOR BLACK SKIN? SkinCerity is great for African American Men who suffers from ingrown hairs and rashes on their necks as a result from shaving! Also the shave is reported to be much smoother. - Cheryl

My family has sensitive skin. My daughters ages 14 & 15 have typical teenage acne and were using Proactive on their faces. My oldest was getting skin burn from using it. So we switched to the sensitive skin Proactive. This burned her skin as well. We tried SkinCerity and started seeing results within 4 days. They have not had any problems while using it. You should hear the complaints when the bottles are running out! But the biggest surprise was when my youngest started using it on her stretch marks to see what it would do. They started taking them away after a few weeks. Now it's the only thing we use next to our favorite lotions! Plus, we joined the business to help others after we exerienced SkinCerity's wonders! - Russell G.

I gave a bottle to a friend who's son has severe eczema. After one week his son's eczema has improved tremendously! - Jennifer S.


We have has success with SkinCerity with tattoo recovery. Usually the recovery process takes a week or two. We applied the SkinCerity right after the tat was finished and in about 3 days it was done recovering. No scabbing or drying out. - Jesse J.